List Ideas Funny Costumes That Start with E (with Pictures): Great Outfits for Your Family

Costumes That Start with E

In the vibrant world of cosplay, where every character and costume tells a unique story, the quest to find the perfect ensemble can be both thrilling and exacting. With a particular spotlight on easy costumes that start with E, we enter the realm where creativity and ingenuity meet. 

Whether you are a seasoned cosplayer, an event planner, or a cosplay enthusiast, the letter ‘E’ opens doors to many possibilities. From channelling the grandeur of an Egyptian Pharaoh to the notion of an Elf, the costumes beginning with E offer a versatile canvas for expression and spectacle.

Ideas Funny Costumes That Start with E with Pictures

Elsa (Frozen)

costumes that start with E

Elsa, the Snow Queen, symbolises empowerment and sisterhood in the modern Disney canon. Her shimmering, ice-blue gown, replete with a sheer cape and a snowflake tiara, is an immediate hit among young fans and those at heart. This costume is perfect for children’s parties, Disney-themed soirées, and character meets at theme parks.

The key to a memorable Elsa costume is the attention to the intricate snowflake detailing and maintaining the ethereal quality of the fabric. For parents crafting this ensemble from scratch, consider using glow-in-the-dark or reflective materials to achieve a magical glow reminiscent of Elsa’s powers.


costumes that start with E

The festive elf is not just for Christmas; its classic green and red attire is excellent for any cheerful event. Whether you’re performing in a holiday play or simply adding a dash of whimsy to a costume party, the elf’s pointed hat, jingling bells and curly-toed shoes are essential elements.

Crafting an elf costume allows DIY enthusiasts to get crafty: sewing, glueing or even knitting the components for an authentic and endearing effect. Remember, the devil is in the details whether you’re a Tolkien enthusiast or a North Pole advocate.

Egyptian Pharaoh

costumes that start with E

The allure of ancient Egypt never ceases to fascinate, and a Pharaoh’s attire allows for a rich expression of history and grandeur. A Pharaoh’s ceremonial dress typically comprises a distinctive headdress, regal names, a kilt-like shandy, gold jewellery and ornate sandals.

If historical accuracy is your objective, research the pharaonic period to ensure your costume reflects the correct style and symbolism. This costume is a standout choice for historical reenactments, museum events and any gathering of history buffs.

Elvis Presley

costumes that start with E

For fans of the iconic musician, an Elvis Presley costume is a timeless tribute to rock ‘n roll royalty. Elvis’ wardrobe choices were as legendary as his music, Whether for a themed party, a performance or just for the love of classic style.

From the flashy jumpsuits of his later years to the ’68 Comeback Special leather suit, Elvis’ ensembles exude charisma and swagger. Pay attention to the details for the complete look: sunglasses, jewellery and sideburns included.



While animals may not always be the go-to costume choice, an elephant’s depiction can be awe-inspiring. An elephant costume allows for a creative and comfortable approach to dressing up. It can range from a simple grey onesie with an elephant headpiece to more elaborate designs with detailed trunk and ears.

This outfits beginning with E costume is perfect for wildlife celebrations, children’s book character days, political marches and fundraisers. It’s a gentle representation of strength and majesty.

Evil Queen

costumes that start with E

Every story needs its antagonist, and the Evil Queen from Snow White has long reigned as one of Disney’s most memorable villains. Her sleek, high-collared black gown and regal headpiece convey an effortless elegance tainted by evil intent. When embodying the Evil Queen, capturing her stoic and sinister gaze is essential, perhaps with some makeup artistry to enhance the character’s features.

This costume is fitting not only for Disney-themed events but also for those who appreciate the drama of a dark and theatrical look.

Easter Bunny

costumes that start with E

The Easter Bunny symbolises fertility and the coming of spring, and its costume is associated with Easter celebrations. This costume can range from a simple bunny-eared headband and a fluffy tail to a full-body mascot design.

For those interested in a more anthropomorphic bunny, a vest or bowtie can add a touch of whimsy and formality. Easter parades, egg hunts and community events are perfect places to bring the Easter Bunny to life.

Edward Scissorhands

costumes that start with E

Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands costume is an amalgamation of gothic and avant-garde. The character’s ensemble is recognised for its leather attire, an intricate harness that houses the titular ‘scissors,’ and Edward’s distinctively pale complexion and wild hair. This costume is a favourite among film fans looking for a unique and thought-provoking get-up.

Consider recreating scars or faux metal claws for an added level of authenticity. It’s a conversation piece at movie screenings, comic-cons, or any Halloween gathering.

Eleven (Stranger Things)

costumes that start with E

The beloved character from the hit series ‘Stranger Things’ Eleven, sports a look that’s both minimalistic and recognisable. Her simple pink dress with a Peter Pan collar, knee-length socks, a bomber jacket, and trademark blonde wig are the critical components of her ensemble.

This costume that start with E is popular for show fans and is suitable for ‘Stranger Things’ parties, cosplay conventions, and ’80s retro events. Young fans can emulate Eleven’s serious yet endearing demeanour, adding to the character’s portrayal.


costumes that start with E

Albert Einstein’s relatable yet other-worldly appearance makes for a distinctive costume option. The physicist’s most identifiable elements are a messy hairstyle, a bushy moustache, and a suit with a wide collar and no tie.

This costume is great for science fairs, educational workshops, historical or biographical presentations and any event celebrating intellect and curiosity. It’s a great equaliser, turning anyone into Einstein for a day, an idea that the genius would likely enjoy.

Ewok (Star Wars)

costumes that start with E

An Ewok costume encapsulates the friendly and fierce nature of the diminutive Star Wars species. The key components are a feathery hood, a shoulder wrap or tunic, and the fluffy feet that are the Ewok’s trademark.

This costume is a hit at sci-fi conventions, movie premieres, and any event celebrating the Star Wars universe. It combines a sense of nostalgia for the franchise’s fans with an adorable and approachable appearance.

Emperor Palpatine

costumes that start with E

In contrast to the Ewok, Emperor Palpatine’s costume showcases dark power and regal malice. His hooded, black Sith robe, marked by red and gold accents, evokes an imperial demeanour that commands attention. For those with a penchant for the Star Wars antagonists, Emperor Palpatine’s costume offers an opportunity for theatricality and an expectedly sinister presence.

This ensemble fits character-specific gatherings, Star Wars-themed events, and performances or skits.

Evil Sorceress

costumes that start with E

Wielders of dark and arcane power, the Evil Sorceress commands fear and respect. This costume suits themed events like medieval fairs, Renaissance festivals, or fantasy movie marathons.

The key to this costume is opulence mixed with an aura of forbidden mystique. Think long, flowing robes in rich purples and blacks, accented with intricate silver or gold trim. Add a headdress veiled in darkness or a majestic crown that speaks to untold power.


costumes that start with E

An Eskimo costume is an excellent choice for those cold winter nights — or any opportunity to celebrate the Inuit culture responsibly and respectfully. The classic Eskimo look is both charming and cosy. Construct a warm faux-fur parka or coat and match it with snug snow boots. A hooded outfit with faux-fur lining can effectively mimic the traditional attire, along with light blue face paint for the iconic snow camouflage look.

Edwardian Aristocrat

costumes that start with E

Travel back in time to early 20th-century England with the Edwardian Aristocrat costume. This option is perfect for historical reenactments, themed tea parties, or upscale costume affairs.

Dress in sophisticated finery: a tailored long coat, a brocade or velvet waistcoat and a crisply-ironed high-collar shirt. Top it off with a bowler hat, a pocket watch, and a monocle for that quintessentially British look.


costumes that start with E

For something a little more down-to-earth, the Electrician costume (sometimes EMT, the latter for health and safety concerns) can be a fun and respectful tribute to the real-life heroes in our communities.

This is an excellent choice for career-themed events or as a play on words. Dress in denim overalls, a white shirt, and a baseball cap. Accessorise with tool belts, gloves, and a flashlight. To sell it, add a few faux electrical wires and light bulbs for a touch of humour.

Egyptian Goddess

costumes that start with E

This regal and eye-catching costume pays tribute to the deities and glamour of ancient Egypt. Laden with gold accessories, a snake headdress and flowing white linens, the Egyptian Goddess outfit is an empowering and beautiful choice for themed parties or historical events.

Among the pyramids and the sands of time, the goddess commands attention and reverence with an aura of mystique that captures the imagination.


costumes that start with E

Giving a nod to the produce-themed dressing trend, an Eggplant costume ensures you’re the party’s pick. This playful take on dress-up is perfect for quirky gatherings or as part of a coordinated group look. Choose a purple bodysuit or dress as your base and construct a leafy, green calyx for your head.

If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you can fashion the body of the eggplant from a purple tube or similar material, ensuring you’re perfectly aubergine from head to toe.

Enchanting Fairy

costumes that start with E

Unleash your inner magic with an Enchanting Fairy costume. This classic choice hits costume balls, children’s parties, and ‘fantasy’ themed events. Layer on shimmering fabrics like organza or tulle in pastel shades, with plenty of glitter and sequins to catch the light.

Your wings are the centrepiece, choose from iridescent, butterfly-shaped ones or make your own with wires and sheer fabric. Add a wand and a headdress of flowers and leaves to complete the whimsical look.

Elvis Impersonator

costumes that start with E

The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s legacy lives on in the Elvis Impersonator costume. Whether performing at a karaoke night or attending a music legends-themed shindig, this look is all about the swagger.

Classic Elvis attire includes a white jumpsuit with intricate beading, a flashy belt buckle and a bold cape. For a more casual Elvis, opt for a leather jacket and slick back your hair with the iconic pompadour style.

Elton John

costumes that start with E

Another music industry icon, an Elton John-inspired costume offers a chance to embody a living legend. Whether you choose a striking stage outfit from the ’70s or a sophisticated look from his later career, Elton John’s wardrobe offers a wide range of options.

This costume is a hit at tribute concerts, pop culture conventions, and anywhere the spirit of musical genius is celebrated.


costumes that start with E

The Equestrian costume offers a sophisticated and sporty look perfect for equestrian events, horse races, or even just a love of the equine. Think slim-fitting jodhpurs, a tailored blazer, and polished riding boots. Accessorise with a top hat, a riding crop, and a pristine white turtleneck if the weather is colder.

This costume allows for a high degree of elegance and refinement, so pay attention to the details, such as the cleanliness of the attire and proper poise.

Easter Chick

costumes that start with E

The Easter Chick costume is adorable and perfect for celebrating the spring holiday. It’s ideal for children’s parades, family gatherings, and egg hunts. Dress in a yellow onesie or romper to establish your chick-ness.

Craft or purchase a chick beak or headpiece with cute little eyes. A sprinkle of ‘feathers’, whether they’re soft fabric puffs or simple yellow boas will complete the transformation into a snuggly, sunny chick.

English Royalty

costumes that start with E

Last but certainly not least, embody the grace and pageantry of English Royalty with an aristocratic ensemble. This timeless costume is fitting for masquerade balls, historical reenactments, and royal-themed galas. Select a dress or suit in a rich, royal colour such as sapphire or ruby, and ensure impeccable tailoring. Remember a regal cape, mantle, statement headpiece or crown.

Consider a family coat of arms or a royal monogram on your attire to add a personal touch.


costumes that start with E

An Entertainer costume encompasses a wide range of performance aesthetics, from the glitz and glamour of Vegas performers to the subdued, classic charm of a Shakespearean fool.

This outfit is perfect for various events, including costume parties, theatrical productions, and carnival celebrations. The key is to embody the spirit of joy and entertainment, ensuring you can bring smiles to any audience.


costumes that start with E

An Eagle costume is a powerful emblem that can be utilised in many contexts. Whether representing a national bird, a superhero, or a totem in a tribal dance, this DIY costume demands presence and respect. It’s also an excellent choice for wildlife and conservation-themed events, as it brings the untamed beauty of the great outdoors to life.

Earth Goddess

costumes that start with E

An Earth Goddess costume represents the nurturing and bountiful Earth. This outfit is often adorned with flowers, leaves, and natural tones, perfect for eco-friendly events, nature-based celebrations or a personal tribute to the environment.

It is both symbolic and ethereal, allowing the wearer to connect with the deeper forces of the natural world.


costumes that start with E

The Explorer costume is ideal for the adventurous spirit. Dressed in rugged attire and carrying the tools of discovery, you can become a chart-topping explorer or even a character from a favourite historical story.

This costume is versatile and can fit into popular steampunk themes, time-travel narratives, or simply as an embodiment of the human desire to see what lies beyond the horizon.

Egyptian Mummy

costumes that start with E

The Egyptian Mummy costume brings a touch of classical history to any event. Wearing timeless bandages and adorned with jewellery and hieroglyphs, this costume is a conversation starter, allowing for educational and entertaining interaction.

It’s also a fantastic choice for Halloween, themed parties, and historical reenactments.

Emperor Penguin

costumes that start with E

The Emperor Penguin costume epitomises the tuxedo-clad elegance of these regal birds. It’s an adorable and endearing choice, perfect for children’s parties, animal-themed events, or as part of a wildlife preservation educational session. The unique look and characteristic waddle make it a memorable selection that brings the Antarctic to any location.

Evil Scientist

costumes that start with E

The Evil Scientist costume is an engaging yet sinister choice. Whether based on famous movie characters or one’s sinister creation, the costume allows for playful experimentation with props and special effects. This outfit, perfect for Halloween, science-themed parties, or villainous performances, melds intellectual gravitas with a touch of madness.


costumes that start with E

Elvira, the iconic character made famous by actress Cassandra Peterson, is a dark and seductive staple in the world of Halloween and horror. Her instantly recognisable look has become a timeless celebration of Gothic and spooky aesthetics. This costume is perfect for fans of the horror genre and those seeking a sultry and powerful character to portray.

Elf Warrior

costumes that start with E

An Elf Warrior costume taps into the enchanting world of fantasy and folklore. With its roots in myth and legend, this outfit can be simple or elaborate, and its interpretation can vary widely based on culture and source material. Used for fantasy-themed events, gaming conventions, or simply to bring a touch of magic to everyday life, the Elf Warrior costume allows for personal expression. It can be as detailed as one’s imagination.

Escaped Convict

costumes that start with E

The Escaped Convict costume combines the edgy thrill of a jailbreak with the contrast of vintage prison stripes. It’s a compelling choice for Halloween, historical recreations, and intense breakout scenarios in interactive theatre. This costume presents an element of danger and intrigue, urging the wearer to consider the story behind the stripes.

Evil Stepmother

costumes that start with E

The Evil Stepmother costume brings the dramatic flair of classic fairy tales and pantomimes to life. It’s a boldly villainous choice that allows for theatrical performance, elaborate makeup, and regal clothing. Perfect for children’s parties story-themed events and as a memorable villain in live productions, this costume requires presence and poise.


costumes that start with E

The Exorcist costume takes its cues from the iconic movie character, who became the ultimate symbol of spiritual warfare against demonic forces. It’s a deeply haunting and solemn choice, perfect for Halloween, horror-genre events, and thought-provoking portrayals. This costume ideas starting with E outfit brings with it the burden of the unseen conflict, making it a powerful statement for any wearer.

Conclusion: The Eternal Appeal of ‘E’ Costumes

The exploration of ‘E’ costumes is not merely a linguistic exercise; it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities and boundless creativity. From embodying legendary figures to crafting original personas, reliving historical moments and spinning new fantastical tales, the letter ‘E’ catalyses an outpouring of imagination and expression.

Amidst the meticulous detailing, the sourcing adventures, and the communal celebrations, one thing remains constant. The satisfaction of bringing a character to life in an authentic and awe-inspiring manner. As you continue your cosplay endeavours, remember that the world of costumes that start with E is as vast and varied as its characters. Now go forth and explore, for the next ‘E’ costume you encounter might just be the one to leave an indelible mark on your cosplay journey.

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