List Ideas Funny Costumes That Start with D (with Pictures): Great Outfits for Your Family

Costumes That Start with D

The art of costuming is a delightful affair, from the intricate threadwork of period garments to the inspired imagination of fictitious beings. And for the enthusiasts and parents seeking the perfect ‘D’ outfit, this curated list promises a range of creative options. 

Step into the magical world of dragons or immerse yourself in Disney charm. Transform into a dedicated surgeon, or summon the prehistoric majesty of dinosaurs. There’s even a nod to the classic detective, complete with a magnifying glass and a mystery to solve.

Explore the varied avenues of costumes that start with D, and you might be surprised by the breadth of characters you can embody.

Funny Ideas Costumes that Start with D: A Letter’s Worth of Spectacular Dress-up Ideas

Darth Vader

Costumes that Start with D

Originating from the space opera franchise ‘Star Wars’, Darth Vader, formerly Anakin Skywalker, is the quintessential symbol of the dark side. Vader’s menacing black armour, complete with a cape, helmet, and chest plate, is not just a suit but a reflection of his descent into villainy. The costume’s sleek design and the character’s dramatic backstory have made it a staple at sci-fi conventions and movie-themed events.

A Darth Vader costume isn’t just for Halloween; it’s a perennial favourite at enthusiast meet-ups and even weddings with a Star Wars theme. True fans channel the Sith Lord’s brooding presence at Comic-Cons and charity events, adding an element of gravitas to their cosplay game.


Costumes that Start with D

The legend of Dracula, the archetypal vampire, has been immortalised in literature, film, and theatre. His costume, an aristocratic ensemble often portrayed in black or deep red silk, emphasises his regal and otherworldly nature. The character’s wardrobe invokes a medieval Eastern European style, where the original Dracula lore was centred.

With its deep historical roots and cultural significance, a Dracula costume is best showcased during spooky events like Halloween. For those looking to embody the suave Transylvanian at a themed party, there’s nothing like the allure of a well-constructed Dracula look to captivate the audience with classic horror charm.


Costumes that Start with D

While not a specific character, a dinosaur costume – like the T-Rex or Stegosaurus – presents a unique challenge and creative possibilities. In recent years, inflatable T-Rex suits have become an internet sensation, blending prehistory with a healthy dose of humour and pop culture.

A dino costume is perfect for any gathering that calls for a bit of whimsy, making it a hit at children’s parties and comic book store events. It’s also a lighthearted choice for charity fundraisers or marathons, where it can put a smile on the faces of onlookers.

Dorothy (Wizard of Oz)

Costumes that Start with D

In the classic tale ‘The Wizard of Oz’, Dorothy Gale has left an indelible mark on film and storytelling. Her blue gingham dress, ankle-high socks and ruby red slippers are synonymous with adventure and the enduring themes of home and heart. The simplicity of the costume belies its cultural significance, making it an accessible and cherished attire for fans, young and old.

A Dorothy costume fits various events, from literary-themed gatherings to Wizard of Oz screenings. For a timeless and heartwarming look, it’s hard to beat the appeal of returning to the Kansas prairies.


Costumes that Start with D

The concept of the doctor as a character is vast, ranging from the professional garb of medical professionals to the frock coats and bowties of the enigmatic Doctor from the British series ‘Doctor Who’. The Doctor’s costume is versatile, embodying intelligence, kindness, and a hint of madness, particularly in the character’s more theatrical regenerations.

A traditional doctor costume is not only for Halloween but also for medical-themed parties and events celebrating the noble profession. Meanwhile, the Doctor’s flair for adventure and time travel opens the wardrobe to conventions and eclectic gatherings that appreciate science fiction.


Costumes that Start with D

Late-19th-century detective fiction gave us the quintessential detective attire – the magnifying glass, the deerstalker hat, and the inimitable tweed suit – popularised most notably by the great Sherlock Holmes. This outfit encapsulates systematic investigation and the enigma of intellect at its most fashionable.

A detective costume is appropriate for murder mystery parties, classic literature-themed soirées, or any gathering that demands an air of mystery and intellect. Pairing the ensemble with the right props and a keen eye for detail can transform any wearer into a master detective.

Disney Princess

Costumes that Start with D

Disney Princesses, such as Cinderella or Snow White, inspire a sense of magic and possibility. Their signature depictions include opulent ball gowns, flowing hair, and a hint of sparkle that encapsulates the essence of fairy tales brought to life. These costumes are not just for the young; they reign over themed gatherings in all age brackets, from children’s birthdays to grown-up Disney-themed weddings.

A Disney Princess costume is the ultimate choice for any event celebrating fantasy and the allure of ‘happily ever after’. Whether it’s an animated film festival or a visit to a local children’s hospital, the spirit of these characters uplifts any occasion.


Costumes that Start with D

Dragons have a rich history in literature, myth, and popular culture, and their image can evince power, wisdom, and, often, fierce independence. A dragon costume invites an exploration of that mystique, with possibilities ranging from elegant serpents to hulking, fire-breathing beasts.

A dragon costume is well-suited to fantasy and role-playing events, and the vibrancy of colours and the sheer size of some designs make it a spectacular choice for parades and festivals that celebrate imagination and the extraordinary.


Costumes that Start with D

A duchess costume is an opportunity to indulge in classic elegance and historical pageantry, embodying the refinement and luxury of the aristocratic past. The attire is marked with regal silhouettes, rich fabrics, intricate embellishments that signify social status and an impeccable eye for fashion.

Events highlighting history, from Renaissance fairs to historical reenactments, are the perfect setting for a duchess costume. By offering a glimpse into the eras that have informed our sartorial traditions, it infuses an element of learning and cultural appreciation into the celebration.

Dobby (Harry Potter)

Costumes that Start with D

Dobby, the endearing house elf from the Harry Potter series, is a popular choice for cosplayers who adore this saga. His costume is simple but demands impeccable character portrayal. The primary components are the iconic pillowcase tunic, a pair of shorts, and a mismatched sock. For the sock, wearers can opt for a homemade or pre-made silicone prosthetic sock adhered to the skin as if Dobby is gaining freedom.

Wear your Dobby ensemble to any Harry Potter-themed event or a cosplay convention. It’s a character brimming with emotion and depth, making it a favourite for fans who connect with his story of bravery and freedom.

Dumbledore (Harry Potter) Costume

Costumes that Start with D

Albus Dumbledore, the personification of wisdom and leadership in the Harry Potter series, commands a presence with his elaborate robe, hat, and beard. His costume is grand, showcasing purple and gold tones, intricate patterns, and stars. 

This type of costumes with the letter D is best reserved for special events like movie premieres, book readings, or high-end cosplay competitions where attention to detail will be greatly appreciated.


Costumes that Start with D

The Dalmatian is an instantly recognisable breed with distinctive black spots on a white coat. This simple yet iconic costume is ideal for those looking for something fun and comfortable.

This costume that begin with D is perfect for Halloween, pet-themed events, or as part of a more extensive group costume, like the characters from 101 Dalmatians. 

Dora The Explorer

Costumes that Start with D

Dora the Explorer is a beloved character by kids and adults alike. Her costume includes a pink shirt, orange shorts, and a purple backpack. The key to this costume is getting Dora’s signature haircut and a map, which can be made or printed and carried along during your exploration.

This costume D is perfect for children’s birthday parties, character meet-and-greets at theme parks, or as a nostalgic yet fun choice for a themed party among adults.

Donkey Kong

Costumes that Start with D

Donkey Kong, the video game character from the Nintendo franchise, is a barrel-throwing, banana-eating superstar. His costume includes a red tie, a brown gorilla jumpsuit, and animal makeup to mimic his features.

This classic character will surely be a hit at gaming conventions, retro-themed parties, or video game release events.

Daisy Duck

Costumes that Start with D

Daisy Duck, the sophisticated Disney character and girlfriend of Donald Duck, has a chic yet simple style. Her costume features a lavender or pink dress, a purple bow, and trademark blue eyeshadow. 

This costume is a delightful choice for Disney-themed events, children’s parties, or even conventions and expos celebrating animated characters.

Daisy Buchanan (The Great Gatsby)

Costumes that Start with D

The Great Gatsby’s Daisy Buchanan embodies the glamorous flapper era. Her costume includes a beaded or sequined dress, a feathered headband, and strands of pearls. 

Wear this ensemble to a Gatsby-themed party, a historical reenactment event, or a theatre performance.

Domino (X-Men)

Costumes that Start with D

Domino, the mercenary from the X-Men franchise, is distinguished by her black-and-white colour scheme. Her costume features a black suit with white patches, a simple black mask, and an arsenal of weapons. 

This costume is suitable for comic book conventions, superhero movie premiers, or as part of a group X-Men cosplay.

Dark Knight

Costumes that Start with D

The Dark Knight, AKA Batman, is a symbol of justice and fear in the hearts of his enemies. His costume consists of a bat-eared cowl, a tactical suit, and a utility belt full of crime-fighting gadgets. For the full effect, include a cape and a scowl. 

This ensemble is fitting for comic book events, themed parties, or Halloween, celebrating one of the most iconic superheroes in history.

Doc (Snow White)

Costumes that Start with D

Doc, the leader of the seven dwarfs from Snow White, has a distinctive outfit featuring a red hat, a brown tunic, and a white beard. His costume is echoed in many traditional interpretations of the character. 

This costume is ideal for children’s parties, theatrical performances, or as part of a group Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs cosplay.

Daenerys Targaryen (Game Of Thrones)

Costumes that Start with D

Daenerys Targaryen, from the Game of Thrones series, is recognisable by her iconic blue embroidered dress, leather armour and, of course, her blonde wig or braided hair. Her look evolves over the seasons, offering various options for cosplayers.

Wear this costume to a Game of Thrones viewing party, a Renaissance fair, or a convention. It’s a powerful and regal outfit that commands attention.

Dr Seuss Character

Costumes that Start with D

Straight out of the whimsical world of Dr Seuss, characters like the Cat in the Hat, the Grinch, Sam I Am, and Horton the Elephant offer endless possibilities for a colourful and creative costume. These iconic characters are perfect for any children’s event or a nostalgic adult party. Their distinctive, striped, and checked apparel and exaggerated features make them instantly recognisable.

Darth Maul

Costumes that Start with D

The imposing Sith Lord from the Star Wars franchise, with his red and black tattoos, yellow eyes, and a double-bladed lightsaber, Darth Maul, is an impressive and fearsome choice for cosplay. This intricate costume demands attention to detail, but the result is always striking. 

Perfect for sci-fi conventions and Star Wars-themed events, fans will appreciate a well-executed Darth Maul appearance.

Dark Fairy

Costumes that Start with D

For those who want to blend sweetness with a touch of the sinister, a dark fairy costume is the thing. With wings dipped in the colours of twilight and a gown that transforms from shadow to light, a dark fairy is an enigma. This costume is brilliant for any fantasy-themed occasion.

Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers

Costumes that Start with D

There’s no place like home for this classic look, which has captivated audiences for generations. Pair sparkling, ruby-red shoes with a blue and white gingham dress, and top it off with bouncy pigtails for an instantly iconic Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. The costume exudes nostalgia and charm, perfect for Halloween parties and themed events.


Costumes that Start with D

Whether you’re channelling the timeless Disney character Donald Duck or crafting your avian-themed outfit, a duck costume can be adorable and hilarious. For the creative mind, there are ample opportunities to add unique spins, from homemade beaks to feathered ensembles. This option is versatile for everything from kids’ parties to improvisation-themed events.

Deadshot (Suicide Squad)

Costumes that Start with D

Those with a penchant for antiheroes will love bringing Deadshot from DC’s Suicide Squad to life. His brooding, heavily armed persona might not scream ‘Halloween fun’, but it’s an excellent choice for severe cosplayers drawn to the darker side of comic book lore. The iconic red eye mask and trenchcoat combine for a suitably intimidating presence.

Delorean (BackToThe Future)

Costumes that Start with D

While technically not a costume, the Delorean from the Back to the Future franchise is so intrinsically linked with time-travelling adventures that it’s a hit at any event. Those with a penchant for engineering and construction can take on the challenge of building a life-size or miniature model, while others might look for the entire vehicle rental.

Detective Pikachu

Costumes that Start with D

The live-action incarnation of the beloved yellow Pokémon infused the iconic creature with the sleuthing nature of a hard-boiled detective. This unique costume pairs well with a magnifying glass and the determination to solve the next mystery, making it a playful and current option for franchise fans.

Davy Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Costumes that Start with D

The cursed and tentacled pirate captain from the legendary Pirates of the Caribbean films offers a chance for intricate makeup and costume work. Those who appreciate the dramatic can make a splash with this option, perfect for seas and adventure-themed events.


Costumes that Start with D

For an outfit steeped in Native American traditions and symbolism, the Dreamcatcher is a beautiful yet unconventional choice. With materials representative of the natural world and the craft to match, a dreamcatcher costume is a unique statement for those who want to be part of traditions and lore.

Doctor Strange

Costumes that Start with D


With his crimson Cloak of Levitation and mastery of mystic arts, DoctorStrange is a formidable presence in any setting. Cosplayers seeking a costume that marries elaborate detail with whimsical aesthetics will find plenty to enjoy with this magical Marvel character.


The letter ‘D’ yields diverse costume options with unique charm and creative pathways. Whether crafting your dragon from scratch, embodying a Disney favourite with precision, or donning the attire of a detective, each costume carries the potential to ignite the imagination and forge connections within the costuming community.

These costumes that start with D are more than the sum of their threads: an expression of character, ingenuity and the delight of being someone or something entirely different, if just for a day.


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