Gildan 2000 Vs 5000

gildan 2000 vs 5000

Gildan 2000 vs 5000

The gildan 2000 and gildan 5000 are two of the most popular shirts produced by the world’s largest t-shirt manufacturer, Gildan. These t-shirts are a favorite for schools, sports teams, clubs, businesses, promotional items, charities and more. They are inexpensive, yet quality t-shirts that hold up well to wear and repeated washing.


These t-shirts are constructed with heavy cotton, which is a durable, midweight material that will last many washes and holds up well to embroidery, heat transfer vinyl and other printing processes. They are also a good choice for tie-dye projects where you need a durable, quality cotton shirt that will stand up to repeated use.

B: The gildan 2000 is made with COE (“carded open end”) cotton, while the gildan 5000 uses ringspun cotton. The difference between the two is that COE cotton has a different texture than ringspun, which can cause a difference in the printing surface.

A: The Gildan 2000 is a heavier weight t-shirt than the gildan 5000, though it is still lightweight compared to other Gildan styles such as the Gildan DryBlend t-shirts. It also tends to shrink a bit after several washes, so it is not recommended for a long-term project.

C: The gildan 2000 is more soft than the gildan 5000, and is a good option for women who prefer a softer feel to their t-shirt. It’s also a great choice for custom printing because it will not shrink as quickly, which can be important if your design involves heat transfer vinyl or other print processes that require t-shirts to be pressed before they are worn.

D: The gildan 2000 is an excellent choice for a wide variety of t-shirt applications, including screen printing and heat transfer vinyl. This style is available in a wide range of colors and is one of our most affordable choices for printing t-shirts.

E: The gildan 5000 is a lighter weight t-shirt than the gildan 2000, and is lighter in color than other Gildan styles. It is also more breathable than the Gildan 2000, which can be beneficial in hot weather conditions.

F: The gildan 2000 is the most popular Gildan style, and is a good choice for most print shops. It’s heavier weight and comes in a wider variety of colors than the gildan 5000, but it can shrink slightly after a few washes.

G: The gildan 5000 is the lightest weight Gildan style, and it is the smallest size of the gildan 2000. It is a popular choice for custom printed t-shirts because it’s affordable and holds up well to repeated washing.

H: The gildan 5000 is made with a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester, which makes it more breathable than the gildan 2000. It is also more durable than the gildan 2000, and it can be used for embroidery and other printing processes that require t-shirts to be worn multiple times.

I: The gildan 5000 is an excellent choice for a wide variety or t-shirt applications, including screen printing. It’s an affordable, durable choice for most print shops.