Coastal Carolina Mullets Vs Mormon Shirt

mullets vs mormon shirt

Coastal Carolina has a knack for the wacky, and its annual rivalry game with BYU is no exception. The Chanticleers are known for their sexy team swag, and the game is no different, with a large emphasis on fashion. So it makes sense that a few students have figured out how to put their swag on display.

Countless t-shirts were printed on short notice, but there’s no doubt that one stood out among the rest. Its v-neck and eye-catching graphics make it the must have of a CCU fanatic’s closet, and it comes in colors from Coastal Carolina Blue to BYU’s navy blue.

The best part? It’s not only available online, but also in stores around town. Buying one in person would be like winning the lottery. It is made from the finest cotton and moisture wicking fabric to boot, so you can take it outside or inside.

It was a long day of work, but it ended on a high note. I got to watch a pretty awesome football game between two of the top teams in the nation, and I’m not talking about my beloved Carolina Hurricanes.