November 24, 2014

November 14, 2014

November 13, 2014

November 11, 2014

Rook Holiday 2014 Lookbook

For the Holiday 2014 Collection Rook worked with photographer Oliver Scherillo to bring his unique vision to this collection. Set in ROOK’s home base of Los Angeles, the lookbook takes inspiration from the dark collection, using some of the more grimy and looked over areas of true downtown Los Angeles.
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Rook Arch L/S
Rook NightFall Hat
Rook Thorns Hat
Rook Scorpion Tee
Rook Old No 9 Tee
Rook Praying Hands Tee
Rook Smoke Stacks Hat
Rook Robbed Hood
Rook Open 24 Hours L/S
Rook Team 3m Reflective Raglan
Rook One Up Hat
Rook Open 24 Hours L/S
Rook Scouts Honor Tee
Rook Making It Rain Tee
Rook Dozen L/S
Rook Team 3m Reflective Raglan
Rook Avalanche Hat
Rook Luke Fleece
Rook Thorns Hat
Rook Smoke Stacks Tee
Rook Xerox Fleece
Rook Arch L/S
Rook Raiders Hat
October 29, 2014

Vibe With The New Theophilus London Album

The new Theophilus London album is the perfect mix of music to start any day with. Click below and get your Vibes going. 


The new Theophilus London album "VIbes" is currently available to stream for free on Soundcloud and releases on Tuesday November 4th. 


October 23, 2014

ROOK x The Goonies Movie Screening

Thank you to everyone that came out to the ROOK x THE GOONIES movie screening at the Lido Theater. The turn out was great and we loved watching the film with you on the big screen. If you weren't one of the lucky few who got a free item of the collection, there is still time to head over to your local Tilly's or to pick something up! Thank you again and "Never Say Die".
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July 30, 2014

Booze Hound An Animated Cartoon From The Guys Who Brought You Rook

ROOK BRAND has always tried to lead the way in what they do. From bringing fresh new art ideas to t-shirts, to partnering up with Cartoon Network for a very special Adventure Time collaboration. Owners Jonathan Garcia and Joe King, have always had a strong love for cartoons. The duo can remember sitting at Jonathan’s mothers house watching cartoons together back when they were in kindergarten.  Last year the duo had the pleasure of taking a tour of Film Roman, the home of The Simpsons animation, after the tour both Jonathan and Joe started tossing ideas around for a cartoon of their own. Jonathan and Joe decided to reach out to their long time friend Mike Michika to work on the project with them. Once the 3 of them settled on an idea, they began the creation of Booze Hound. 


Joe King began illustration of the characters. Fred's design and concept traces back to a pixel-art cartoon Mike made where a dog gets drunk and loses his job. As Jon and Mike developed the concept, Joe made several character designs with the first being loosely based on the pixel art.



 In the meantime Jonathan and Mike came up with the script. After many revisions the first episode of Booze Hound was finished.  Animated and Voices were both done by Mike, with cameos from Jonathan and Joe in the coming episodes.



Frederick Dog Rudeger is a washed-up cartoon who has been desperately trying to break back in to Hollywood since the 1930s. Fred's lack of talent and weak social skills hinder his quest for recognition, so he takes any job he can get, no matter how cheap or terrible.



We invite you to view the first episode titled “The Pitch” in which FDR takes and interview with a  Network Executive.




Head over to to see the first episode as well as the Kickstarter campaign video that FDR is featured in!


Be sure to subscribe to Booze Hound on youtube to keep up with new episodes as they release.

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